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One of King Cobra’s top prospects, a 16-year-old, undefeated champion by the name of Jonathan O’Neil, recently brought home the IFS Junior Super Lightweight Championship belt at 137 lbs. 

“When first I got here, I was kind of scared to fight. I still try to avoid fights (on the street), but now I am not afraid of anyone,” said O’Neil. ”I have the confidence that if I ever have to protect myself, I will be able to. It’s a great feeling to know that.”

O’Neil’s dream of continuing on to fight professionally for Glory kickboxing is rapidly becoming a real possibility as his amateur career continues to flourish. 

He has only trained in MMA for two years but has fallen in love with the sport, much like Nambo many years before, and has already earned a sponsor in Prodigy Plumbing in Long Beach.