GREETINGS. Another week to get through. However, readers, take note: tomorrow is the 15th of the month – beware the Ides of March! So saideth the soothsayer to Caesar (not easy to say that!) warning Julius of impending doom. I wish I had met this same soothsayer a few days previously, before my old jalopy decided to die on me.

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A major repair bill of frightening proportions is looming, and I am at the mercy of the CO when asking nicely if I may borrow her car. I keep singing ‘I’ll get by, as long as I have you’ to the CO but her loss of hearing seems to have come at an appropriately right time.

Spoken too soon?

Last week, I stated that as neighbourhood scribe, I report primarily on the positives. For doom-and-gloom news, buy the big paper. For good news, read the ‘Sunshine Bonus’. However, from time to time ‘bad news’ in the area cannot be avoided. I referred to ‘occasional capital crimes’ last week which was, perhaps, an unfortunate choice of words, as the headline in the Herald was the discovery of a victim’s body in a freezer in a Uvongo apartment. The woman was a Brazil national who moved to South Africa some four years ago.

Kéch Sanchez

This led me to thinking that surely no one from Brazil (or South America) would ever leave there to come and live here. There are several Brazilians living in this area, seemingly settling in well and ‘at home’ here.

Last week, the CO and I surprised ourselves and ‘had a Saturday night out’ at Rocky Ridge, Oatlands. It was a Latino-themed evening and the featured band was titled ‘Pan Latino’.

Male lead singer, Kéch Sanchez, hails from Sucre, Bolivia – though now living in that other rock-and-a-hard place outpost Howick, in the KZN Midlands.

Bloody nose

A great crowd of all age groups, to tell the truth, Rocky Ridge made our so-called ‘sophisticated’ nightspots in the big cities more like a temperance gathering.

Young and old, all shapes and sizes, several nationalities, the crowd just having a rollicking good time. Of course, there is always the bad ’un in the crowd: like the knucklehead wearing a Liverpool football shirt who wanted to give your Uvongo scribe a bloody nose, just because I said I supported Manchester City.

(My schnozzle is much better now, thank you! Can’t say the same for my car though).

Welcome Clesia

The ‘brasileiras’, namely Patrica de Carvalho, Vanuzia Ferreira, Gal Costa and Carmen Miranda put on a jaw-dropping dancing display, equalled by our own local lovely women. The CO got into the spirit of ‘all things Latino’, putting aside her ‘River Dance’ show-stopping, tap dance routine.

Amongst the guests was Patricia’s mum, Clesia Bento, from Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, visiting daughter Patty and family in St Michael’s. This is her fourth visit to SA. Clesia was born in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, but has been domiciled in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro state, for three decades.

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Lucky her. Cabo Frio, about three hours from Rio, is one of those delightful seaside places that draws the crowds from the big cities. Half an hour away is Buzios, a ‘little bit of heavenly paradise’, which we discovered a few years back. Much to the chagrin of the CO, I’ve never gotten over the place.

Brigitte Bardot

It was actually ‘discovered’ by French movie goddess Brigitte Bardot in the 60s, putting Buzios on the international jet-set map. What is good enough for Brigitte Bardot is good enough for me, folks! Beautiful beaches, perennial blue seas and skies, sunshine 300 days a year: very much akin to our Hibiscus Coast. No wonder Clesia feels very much ‘at home’ here, certainly when it comes to the music and a bit of song-and-dance. Not quite the ‘Girl from Ipanema’, perhaps Clesia’s a Latin from Manhattan. Whatever, whoever, Clesia, a warm welcome to our very own Hibiscus Coast. See you. Rob.



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