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Tesla billionaire and businessman, Elon Musk, is allegedly searching for a new woman after his breakup with Amber Heard in August according to an insider as reported by Page Six. According to the publication, Elon has eyes for Dakota Johnson, the 28-year-old Fifty Shades Of Gray alumni.

The 46-year-old flew down to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on the weekend for Guy Oseary’s marriage to Michelle Alves according to the source.

Dakota – who is the child of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith – was seen by paparazzi at the LAX airport in LA on Saturday, probably returning from the Latin American country where she also attended the lavish ceremony.

However, a representative for the Tesla executive took contention with the account saying that Musk “already knows Dakota” and wouldn’t fly down there to see her and only her.

He went to the wedding because Oseary invited him, and that’s the only reason. Nevertheless, because of Musk’s busy schedule, he went right back to work for his company.

Additionally, during a separate event, Elon hung out with 31-year-old Australian model, Jessica Hart, 31, who broke up with her billionaire boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos the third.

An eyewitness claimed Elon and Jessica sat next to each other and drank champagne. The insider added that they looked more than cozy together.

A representative for Elon denied that he was on a date with the model and said they were part of a large group for a party. It was platonic and not romantic.


As for Dakota, she dated Jon Hamm and Chris Martin from Coldplay fame recently. However, sources say she is merely playing the field and exercising her options. Furthermore, we must say, with all of the reports indicating that Elon is “chasing” Johnson, it appears as though he is only hanging out with attractive women because he can.

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